Welcome to bigsociety.mobi, a free website optimised for mobile devices that allows you to post and find jobs within your local community; we use your location to return the jobs in your immediate area that are closest to you. Our focus is on micro-jobs (typically lasting up to 1 day) and facilitating collaborative consumption (eg. you want to pay a small fee to borrow someone's car in your local area that is sitting idle) as well as bartering scenarios.

We chose 'job' as a generic term for lack of a better word; job types can include meet, advice or borrow 'jobs'. Jobs have an attached reward that is optional, meaning you can also use our site if you just want to connect with people in your local area or seek out volunteers for your cause.

Job Posters:

Need someone to look after your cat for a few days while you go on holiday? Got a DIY job that you never seem to get around doing? Looking to borrow a bicycle for the weekend? Or maybe you just want to meet new people in your neighborhood for a quick coffee? bigsociety.mobi empowers you to address these issues in your life and brings your local community closer. We make Big Society a reality today.

Job Seekers:

Have some free time on your hands and want to do some volunteering or earn cash? Do you enjoy meeting new people and helping them out? Lacking the confidence to self-start or want to hone your existing skills? bigsociety.mobi allows you to discover jobs in your neighborhood from people with immediate needs.

This site is presented as a prototype only; we are currently looking into using phonegap to push the application into various app-stores as well as making other tweaks to the workflow model based on your early feedback. We are keeping this site live for demonstration purposes but it comes without any warranties or guarantees.

We use cookies to store things like whether this is your first visit and choice of theme (so nothing evil) - please ensure cookies are enabled. Determining your location is a basic requirement of this service, please allow us to do this when asked; your location is never revealed and is used only to find the nearest jobs.

NB. This welcome message is only displayed the first time you visit our site. If you experience any problems or want to share any tips for the FAQ page, please let us know.

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